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Rock and Roll era. On the waterfront. Marlon Brando. Teddy boy draped jackets.Full circle skirts net underskirts. 1 2 3 4 5
1950's , evening dress , period, costume, hire,
1950's. Audrey Hepburn, hire, period, costume,
1950's, uniform, conductor,  period, hire, costume, Goodwood revival, Pickering,
1950's, rock and roll, hire, period, hire, grease, sandy, costume, children, Goodwood revival,
1950's, 1940's, hire, costume, period, Goodwood revival, gentleman, Pickering,
1940's, hire, period, blazer, dress, costume, Goodwood revival , Pickering
1950's, hire, period, costume, couple, Goodwood revival, Pickering,
costume, hire, period, 1950's, rock and roll, teddy boy, goodwood, couple, Pickering,
costume, hire, period,  couple, 1950's, wide boys, Goodwood revival, Pickering,